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On thinking of ambulances, what strikes first is the loud siren and beaming red lights whenever it rushes to save lives. Nonetheless, ambulances are much more than that. Also, with time, the medical department has realized the need for a well-ordered system to deal with emergencies, and thus bringing the advancements.

From conducting immediate care to those in severe emergencies to evacuating the individuals stuck in accidents, ambulance services are covering the complete spectrum of emergency care. Taking the sole purpose of serving the needy in our mind, we take care of the early reporting, swift response, and quick transmission of aid. Now, to make the purpose situation-specific, ambulances are designed and equipped in different ways.

In this series, our Advance Life Support Ambulances are the upgraded version of the regular ambulances. For those patients, who have cardiac problems, and those who demand proper care like blood circulation and ventilation, the ACLS ambulance services serve best. It also handles conditions related to cardiac arrests like cardiac arrhythmias. Moreover, you can also rely on these when you need immediate care regarding food poisoning.

With the in-depth analysis and lot of assessment regarding the care a person needs during a heart attack and associated risks, we have facilitated the van with medical equipment that helps to keep the person in a safe zone till he reaches the hospital. These ambulances have advanced level medical backing such as Intravenous supplies, cardiac monitor, pace maker, intubation equipment including Laryngoscope, syringe, oral and nasal airways, etc. The ambulance also has a dedicated team to handle the emergency and provide intensive care. A group of paramedics is always present to assist the doctors. Moreover, our ACLS ambulance healthcare team emphasizes patients who need consistent ventilator support.

Our advance care in these ambulances handles critical medical emergencies so effective that it maximizes the chances of survival to multiple folds. This is done with some essential equipment that keeps the patient alive, such as a defibrillator, oxygen cylinder, and Electrocardiography machine. They help by supplying regular oxygen to te ill person and prevents him from life-threatening attacks.

Thus, raising a notch high, we bring you these ACLS services to leave no stone unturned to keep you and your dear ones safe. We have understood that in these moments of life, when somebody close to you is under the influence of a severe issue like heart attack, you need a trustworthy partner to save their life. We assure you to fulfill the purpose to its best by providing a reliable service. Thus, to avoid critical times, hire ambulances services from us.

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