Neonatal Incubator Ambulance Service (NIAS)


Neonatal Incubator Ambulance Service

No doubt that ambulance service is to save lives. But, is it dong the service to all the cases in the same way? Absolutely no! Instead, with time, the services have advanced, and we have the ambulances designed according to the type of patient, his severity, and other factors. The neonatal incubator ambulance services are one prominent example of this advancement.

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When the infant’s case is deteriorated, it needs regular care and nursing supervision. You should avoid the regular transfer and depend only on a reliable ambulance service for the transfer. We have a specialized ambulance for the neonates having ICU monitoring facilities, like NICU Ambulance Services in delhi continuous oxygen administration, IV therapy, etc. Along with that, you would also find a medical team with a nurse having a specialization in neonatal care. Thus, we strive to reach you on time, as soon as you call for the service. The condition of the baby is check and analyzed so that we provide all the remedies required to stabilize the state until the baby safely reaches the hospital.

As discussed, newborn babies are susceptible. So, we give special attention to the hygiene of the van. Good hygiene also keeps the sick neonatal away from the potential infections, thus preventing the attack of additional problems. Moreover, we focus on providing the baby, the same level of facilities; it will receive at the Intensive care unit in a reputed hospital. The close watch at all its organs by the medical team also deals with any possible complications on time and keeps the baby safe.

Our incubators are designed with the latest technology and equipment to facilitate the sick babies with almost any illness. Whether they are suffering convulsions or the bleeding in any area or other issues like critically low birth weight, jaundice, and cyanosis, our vans help. When you hire ambulance service from us, you give a new life to your baby!

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