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Train Ambulance with I.C.U. Setup & Medical Team

I.C.U. like conditions before the patient reaches the hospital? Yes, you are at the right place. We aim to shift the patient in I.C.U. like conditions in the train itself. We do this via our Train Ambulance with I.C.U. Setup and medical team service. For creating such terms, we use a minimum of 4 berths of an A.C. 1st, 2nd, or 3rd class and set up all the necessary pieces of equipment like cardiac monitor, ventilator, infusion pump, suction pumps, and oxygen cylinders. This set up of our help to transfer the patient safely to the hospital. This equipment helps to stabilize the patient until he reaches for the treatment.

With full-featured I.c.u emergency services, we make the transport of the patient easy and safe. We not only make it possible to reach the required hospital on time, disregard the distance but also, take complete care of the patient on the way. The well-qualified doctors with the assistance of well-trained paramedics deal well with the emergency services and make the situation under control for everyone present. We, therefore, focus on these primary factors for a comfortable journey-

  • Setup is similar to I.C.U. in the train ambulance with I.C.U. Services to ensure the survival of the patient.
  • Stabilize the situation and create a peaceful ambiance during transportation.
  • Economical transport to make the service accessible and affordable to almost every class.
  • The safe evacuation of the patient.

Through our train ambulance services, we are utilizing the extensive railway network to provide extraordinary medical services to a broad section of the society. We know how our railways are connecting the remote places, and thus, with it, we make the ambulance services to the remote areas a possibility. Therefore, let our flexibility, technical adequacy, and capacity make you another profited beneficiary of our services.

We supply all these services in the reputed trains so that you are assured of the loyalty. You are familiar with these trains and their timings. This familiarity keeps you in a comfortable zone. Plus, the expert doctors keeping a keen watch on the patient for the required intervention makes another factor to our promising service. They act quickly according to what the patient’s body demands. Moreover, the medical staff we send is specialized in dealing with your category of critical condition, so that they act in the best way to make it a comfortable experience. So, steps are elementary- call us, hire ambulance service and avail the smooth and safe transport experience.

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